Monday, September 26, 2011


tawakani, getting drunk with
guns, the kiss of the rubberstamp,
digital learning, bananas
cluster, beer cans and body
odor, bora bora, the llaannoo,
if you leave it sealed, thirty
bucks worth of electricity,
push the button, envelope as
environment, a police riot,
dangerous and intelligent
young men, hip businessman,
a picture is not worth a
thousand words, machinery
of destruction, a report on
the banality of evil, the
need to defend individual
conscience over conformity
to administered systems,
tamper with your body, bodily
paranoia, aum period, time
is the one thing nobody has
to offer, hydro electric
columbia, a mail-order art
course, the word art with a
capital a, dirt sheet, ray
prints, characteristic
elongated hafting, prism
slippage, tuungaq, you
can see the error from a
mile away,

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