Monday, September 05, 2011


mail art it’s free, what a hand,
great here we go again, this needs
more work, a few deft lines,
the face blown off, i can see
the pores on your nose, corrupting
corrupting, morbid fascination,
got death, fashion model with
smear of mud, social communication,
fuck the big time, you’re gettin’
weak, create a human and humane
environment, the mickey mouse
effect, overwhelmitude, trial
by space, ontological emergencies,
we-value, nashi font, golden
palatino, lauben, i do like your
packaging, migneron, what use
is this bit of paper, how’s yer
math, purge money, catchin
heat cant escape, oh-arred,
the yes is emphasized by beind
struch thru, going erroneous,
tularemia, cranium line,
dudula, keliot, only love,

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