Tuesday, September 13, 2011


spouge, what is the point of
building all this text, do i
look like i have a penny, luck
deep levy luck deep levy,
cluster of chips, facebusted,
bookmark that porn, there’s candy
in there, independent curator,
the bondage of language,
dusty hats vanish, nido,
acontecimientos, we just like
to toss books around, baud rate,
principles of lofting, stepper
motors, subpixel interpolation,
videk shutter, range-cameras,
places on the boundary of the
canadian bush, edge city,
free indirect subjectivity,
city as suburb, absence of
belonging, the thirty degree
rule, ye ole garrison
mentality, freemium,
comatose locusts, plinther,
anchoveta, body babbling,
hakawati, tribbing, ignore
the fireworks, dayhat, nuppin
bu, locovore, quarter texts,

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