Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"suspyre" & "trance divid"

these five ideograms seem to
mean more, you may never know
what you meant, the shrinkwrap
was a joke, here we are ruining
more paper, circle cap r-evolution,
not really sure which phrase to
settle on, the bead of attention,
horse semen, the phrase still
makes you laugh twenty-five
years later, suspyre, this text
is heavily written, busy being
chatting, poetry with stage
directions, this is a trance,

i wrote you a blank letter,
please have fun on this page,
is this done by hand or by a little
machine, first comes the happy
moment and then, a voice of fire
flag, wounded swallowtail on
fourteenth street, three white
chairs, fractal heart, how does
it go from joy to, let’s be each
other’s object of desire, the
power to bend spoons, pounds
shillings pence, this last name
is illegible, trance divid,

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