Saturday, September 17, 2011


eighteen ninety-nine, a clean cool
dry and odorless place, oming her,
flesh unseen, the oxford comma,
lodged in the rectum, soggy
cluster, one day you’re eating
an orange from australia the
next from south africa, thirty
salads thirty days, number
sixty black ink, screaming:
no more slogans!, soteriology,
encode colonial history, changes
in higher education, exposes
the habitual colonial, topi,
ekleksographia, anata kurosu,
yiff, a search engine for the
paper heap, internet research,
a serious change of shape, if
you compound a few of those
words, orange heat rash, tekcorps,
graphic aitch, that eldritch
glow, miei numi, schipperke,
pink-painted concrete, vanus,
polytropicism, the highlighted
individual, hopefully the
gap won’t make it topple,
you are only making the
meaning worse,

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