Monday, September 12, 2011


i cause train wrecks, a divine
little message, onitsuka, now
the message, llano, vachti, mix
may, the rest is trance, here
there and over there, miga,
dying and undying, looking at
text thru a microscope, paid is
not an amount, save the world
on your own time, poetry is the
art of putting words in the
wrong places, mizua, not stacking
in improv, vlasic, cluster of
pickles, serrapeptase, addy
lappy celly, strange scene,
ideologies of settlement,
caedmon’s hymn english, no
tation, seeing if i can see,
typographic control,
television signature, the
sheet of paper as a sound
prop, pagespeak, we can guess
wrong, tee or jay or ampersand,
and don’t you forget it,
cluster flies, just keep
saying the word now, there’s
good fish to be shot in this
barrel, home occupation
permit, kok, bojuka, posh
trance, google bomb,

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