Monday, September 19, 2011

"making life difficult for librarians"

invasional meltdown, how a european cargo, echinogammarus ischnus,
democratic bomb, katsu-curry, seed grenades, relationship bombs,
z-bomb, totemo oishii desu, flirtexting, fluid entity, the date
on the issue is actually a lie, replication of misinformation,
you might have to read a lot of baby books, this is not a status
update, you just got red ink on the pristine copy, mailart destroys
lives, first things last, mining the library, schizophrenic guppy,
what might this phrase mean, it’s not a fold: it’s a cut, a single
moment of inattention, well it was one hell of a ginger ale, all
supplement no primary, i see beauty where nobody else seems to,
the one thing that remains thru time, oh for the price of a dollar,
it says nothing now, fripuccino, oh no here we go again, there’s
a lot that’s only visible on the original and not on the copy,
some of these got put out of order, the more blank space the better
when it comes to text, shoehorn this text in, you need to practice
your percentages, we are wasting a lot of paper here, you note
the drop in format from handwritten to typeset, you need a template,
this font is going to be illegible, we like to limit ourselves,
here we go again department, the people at the photocopy place
are your prime audience, we just want some kind of record,
a little too minimal, nothing special features, we like to include
a little detritus, it’s not glued it’s just tacked down, gender
language, chatbook, ioho, my fondest memory of this text, there
was no pen, making life difficult for librarians, ioi, each page
is eight pages, i cause nothing, reality is deteriorating, make
other people look at the art, i have the art in my mind, mailart
is a money hole, delicate hands black heart, kind eyes evil heart,
first things out the window, neologism in psychiatry, what do
you expect, shjizofreak, guppy mentality, get on out in the street,
network exploitation, thou shalt not criticize, you can plainly
see it’s not a fold, include random ideograms, shopping for pussy,
what are you a friggin millionaire, what comes before the supplement,
what’s going to happen to all this paper during the disaster, you
can never just leave blank blank can you, what is this hole for,
do we need to annotate this garbage, what the hell these odd
little symbols mean, maybe submit, texta, texts for the textless,
the reduction did it in, changecharge, this is the ripest of the
ripe, seahorse,dollar ribbon, watching the wheels go round and
round thru binoculars, done, and done, info salvage, gettin trashy,
go for what you know or, the intractable material has been taken
care of,

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