Saturday, September 24, 2011

"the irrational community"

you can’t seem to see can you,
and so are you two one or no,
bird’s eye view of literature,
sudden spring snowstorm, this is
the tree, auto burial, bright and
gloomy, glooming, her cute little
box, moment with active typewriter,
fifty-one paperclips, the day the
city was gone, one is a bit of a
blur, rainbow city, plaster and
tissue, not a bad representation
of the object, what exactly is
inside, a corner worth painting,
eanin, no graffiti, the yoga
bridge, broken information,
deth, art involved, select a
few for broadcast, black
photograph, i think the negatives
give a clearer picture, would
you settle for this image
quality, death and roses, okay
now for a touch of reality,
black paper cluster, chips
galore, the irrational
community, the advance
mattress, happened to be
entering canada, operation
dustpan, okie doke, social
cash, nickeleye luckless,
ful nuf, finding yourself
at the left edge of the,

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