Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"period piece number one"

spouge piece number one,
pass the sluj, where do you love
to be, slinging mud at the
mirror, the refraction is
distorting your naked body,
this is how we present, your
naked body at the age of
twenty-one, sundial magazine,
pretty naked girls, waddybead,
are these your barbie dolls,
dead school, off the gold
standard, floating breasts,
here it is gone for good,
red lodge cap, just sit for
a moment, a spectacle of
orange, ain’t she sweet,
porcine pulmonic, antricans,
a white unviolated border,
shooting each other, venus
slipper, not having a job to
go to, indifference is the
key, you will get to this
text later, the debraining
of the president, i’d rather
not see but i see, folded
up in a bit of paper, the
open contact system, page
cost, more naked ladies,
belladontist, wasn’t
actually there, wind up,

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