Friday, September 09, 2011


this art is blocking my light,
hyperinsomnia, khephera, your
favourite food day in and day
out, orange fluctuations,
oyama, becoming animal, collective
identity, protosemantic, emitting
silence, actual polyphonic poetry,
neoluddite, lexical clusters,
saliva flying, semantic occlusion,
cluster of freaks, nothing that
can be thought of as a
conventional paraphraseable
theme, illusively solid-looking
concrete swamp, hear the
continuous ear, syllogistic
dung, trashcan punch, this text
is a mine field, what did you
mean when you said, rubber
duck chemicals, conducted
energy weapon, inuas, col,
liglagging, loss of intimacy
syndrome, unitedstatesness,
epicureanism the corpuscularian
hypothesis, skiz, how seven,

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