Thursday, September 15, 2011


everything happens, tranzit poste
tirane, the letter reading society,
you want me to be a fan of you,
is this person retarded, hasler,
fluctuation in your favour,
annuitant, connected issuer, ig
ig ig ig, social media marketing,
sophistic, tribade, blank except
for the x, dado joints, volte
faces, what do we do with the
text when we are done with the
text, hard gossip, sugar-coated
lips, mobile artist-run centre,
chinese embassy in hong, is sex
necessary, anguage, midrash,
fractal trees, pau de arara,
and moss cushion her soar,
highrise paper population,
pictostone, speakerphone seance,
shag ceilings, kepi, microdope,
does this little gap mean it
is two things not one, forget
the source of your, sipe, a
decision will have to be made
about blank, google interpellation,
the dust is part of the artwork,
who wants text,

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