Thursday, June 17, 2010

MAR 22 2008, (am) #3

1) nice cheese (costs about a dollar a bite)
1) well she ain’t marilyn monroe, but...
1) let’s talk about glue
1) write words as you spread on the glue
1) decide to never make another copy
1) current page
1) maybe this belongs across the street
1) mossfringed
1) did we never even ew did
1) why is this text shaped like a poem?
1) the one who sends art
1) that’s a lot of rock to push, little lady
1) blogging is not responding
1) what do you think you’re supposed to do with the thing?
1) noncommunicative artists
1) how can an object like this not move you?
1) the actual object is just over yonder
1) maybe just do it as a business card
1) just click the promote button
1) at least this is poetry
1) tax time looming
1) we were communicating better when i was in jail
1) it all got a little rough around the edges
1) you could be where the happiness is
1) don’t really feel too comfortable here on the ground
1) if the two-year-old could write a letter
1) to them i am just another number
1) you can shove your hockey up your ass
1) nothing is going nowhere nomore
1) why are you devoting a whole

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