Sunday, June 20, 2010


leaving the scene of writing, add a
word, make out a word, very fragile
paper, creasing up, semi-cyber,
how to stop consuming, white frank
bear spirit, this is not me,
deep ending on the number of
pay just, i’m not that bad am i?,
lumped in with the lumpenproletariat,
duress duress, life tavern haven,
teat sale, parts bar a, nyzette
in a sentence bra, melt the guns
& never more desire them, if the
foo schmitz?, they’ll love you when
it’s too late, spirit semen, get up
enuf heat to melt that gold,
automatic giving, to:barcode,
mark up the void, klub, just be
cause it has your name on it, very
subtile difference, outfall,
sealed under permit, aye for?
be for?, consise slab, space is
beauty, notes on chaos, lying fallow,
couch surfing, so wayback, the
mere phrase, floating around in
cyberspace for a few months, a
strange attractor, folded-towel
diffeomorphisms & smooth noodle
maps, glue ons, floating-point
operations per second, convection,

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