Thursday, June 10, 2010

MAR 23 2008, (am) #1

1) the fire alarm is going off
1) now there’s a ringing in my ears
1) you buy the exact same things every time you go to the
grocery store
1) forget all the websites
1) as far as we got in the book before it was
torn out of our grasp
1) flagitious
1) say it: sunnyside
1) university level university
1) you better keep this receipt handy
1) an extraordinary situation
1) turn your pain into pleasure
1) five thousand “messages”
1) no, we don’t want any more attention
1) have you ever sustained a head injury?
1) this trinket is a call to action
1) one text to go
1) a map of the electronic world
1) my noemata project
1) self-assembly processes
1) class had exceeded its historical
1) vorstellung, darstellung, einstellung
1) the artist has always already moved
1) current events in history
1) “teardrop moss bunches up in the patio’s shadowy cracks”
1) aphetic

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