Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"angst in her pants"

mile zero, melt thru, the
whirling increases, not too
muccle angst in his pants,
that whirling, let’s interface,
cash on delivery fish,
moving closer, ful l front,
the number, that way too,
either black or white fur,
re-creation, rush pink,
when she was wearing the real,
the french word for dirty,
the dragonfly method,
begins with j, emblazoned,
admissibility, purblind
love, young adulotion, degenet,
fold her purple, watt does
it matter, she th’ , the simplest
word: head, annexion, tha dew,
colone, cancellation of
memory, slip, ex ployt s,
pad, chases after it, stich
yer thumb to the, meat,
special lies in the human,
promotes commerce,

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