Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MAR 23 2008, 9:00 pm


1) your name silkscreened
1) this is not being written to be read by anybody really
1) this is temporary art meant to fade away in time
1) an arcane private language never to be deciphered
1) thru the process of elimination determine the artist
1) is that aloyshka?
1) perhaps these two texts should be accounted for
1) stocking stuffer art
1) this matchbox has real sand for the striking zone
1) what is the contest exactly?
1) silly business art
1) expissamental
1) ink falling 60 feet to the page
1) smack honey
1) experimentise
1) elastics don’t last forever
1) the mark is there / no way to tell how it got there
1) their not they’re / they’re not there
1) bite the brick gently
1) “no fixed address” / those were sad times, sad times
1) i could tell you by name where they all went to
1) are you taking this out of circulation / or putting it into c.?
1) always get insurance when you rent a car
1) emergency rental
1) anything might be viewed thru the holes
1) here you have some right here in your hand
1) i see it & it is good
1) modified linocut
1) make it stop! make it stop!
1) keep an eye out for marks made by hand
1) organic literature
1) omnibutter
1) do you really think your self matters?
1) insane codes

e x a c t i f i c a t i o n

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