Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAR 23 2008, (pm) 4? 5?

1) where do you find all of these texts?
1) it looks great but it means nothing
1) pentameran
1) bad ghost
1) writing ever since the beginning of Homo sapiens
1) this is the way we talk now
1) J. de Rey Pailhade (Invénit)
1) if you want more you have to write away for it
1) Wendake
1) Mary Christ
1) the tempo will break you, brother
1) Hypertonie
1) it says “addnpass” not “hoard till you die”
1) this reminds me of out ichneumon stump
1) she’s giving you the finger
1) this is not valid
1) you don’t really expect me to pass this pornography along,
do you?
1) let her speak
1) you have to read it like a blind man
1) oh, we’re all familiar with pornography, aren’t we?
1) your only as big as your name you are
1) this is not poetry it is an “artist’s project”?
an art project!
1) you have to have some sort of address so we
can send you a cheque (how quaint!)
1) the sort of identity they can haul off to jail
1) carbon date these little scraps
1) the poem is quite narrow
1) all that work for this little tiny fragment of a letter?
1) if they only knew how funny they were being
1) not one of the famous Tarantinos, are you?
1) keep trying, you will
1) talking to crackheads

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