Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MAR 16 2008, 4:00 pm

1) why would you wanna foist this on someone?
1) maybe we need to get some sutras
1) what would be the point of copying this?
1) penny math
1) ¼ of the way there already
1) poppy pyrex
1) what makes you think everyone hates poetry?
1) we are not hooked into the system
1) haven’t seen a movie since ‘06
1) media as in pen & paper
1) to be ever copied?
1) does that make me lumpen?
1) the category for some of these is indeterminable (almost)
1) how two little words can make us laugh
1) oh no! don’t let the song back into the head!
1) get your anxiety out into the clear
1) type it up nice & crisp
1) i wanna get a little badge made up that says:
1) happy days? good riddance!
1) i’ve been insane since 1984
1) connect the dot matrix
1) no one’s afraid to get rid of garbage, are they?
1) careful, you’re marking!
1) it may wander back & forth a little before it…
1) why? why should I?
1) you will never be done (with the 10,000 things!)
1) copy came out nice on this
1) emphasize a particular location on the page
1) it’s only got one hole

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