Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"exhaust her"

any old scrap of paper, a word &
a ha, why the gap?, why all the
gap?, say this now, escaping the
text, room to return, still remains
after return, we construct our
others?, buyink?, thirty-four going
on thirty-five, do you have a paper-
shredder?, dropt a tiny mike into
my coffee (and a bucket too, the
descent of reason, too much
material already, not shingles
on the roof, some kind of herpes
(zoster spoke thusly, time first,
ven diagram, putting words here,
nev err picking up where we
left off, come back at all
these things later (next life,
a certain point, pass this way
again, a hundred billion opportunities
all at once finger tips, all the paths
we all most took, so many all mosts
& nearlys, all ways tak, the past
over + the missing, assistance
assistance, talkin’ eighteen cents,
only the machine, derrick town,
feeze you, fractalization,
didn’t quit reading just quit
reading you, get on up!,

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