Tuesday, June 01, 2010


quit writing, breaking out of
the linear, carry that weight
a long time, what ess took,
concern yourself, tagging is
one thing: piecing is another,
eleven el odd, da readah!,
dot your eyes twice over,
created the heavens and the
earth, heard said, penman
or postman?, where she got
it from, miss trance, the
other within, super imp
printed, polyteleprogramophonic,
language of the eye, renting
location, if we have time,
hypermnesia, heliophonic,
the roar of the sun,
hiring location, booking
location, unheard said,
tobacco bucks, already
expired, new!, enhandced,
untouched from one day to the
next book, celebatory ater
fociality, resonate toget-
her, makes me think of,
books & books & books & books,

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