Sunday, June 06, 2010

you better not be reading this

check the mathematics, matter to
it?, becast into the spell, the things
themselves, plastic words, into
the ditch of what each one means,
in full, ambitious welfare scam,
mental records, what’s he
building in there?, anti-ink,
eluding the mind’s categories,
fur barred, reversing the
meanings, trance angel,
descent ink, microinfraction,
produce of the people’s,
unsigned text, letters
deteriorating (record,
the speed of time (emit deeps,
don’t think of it as not rating
a response: think of it as getting
the last word in, leave the you
in, a trademark on the word zen,
thru sound or not thru sound?
(thru silence?, mine contaminated,
poison the moss, the half life
of paper, the uncategorizable
imp air a tiff, end a trance
chants, coptic corruption a,
turning paper into gold,
underposted, criterium,
the momenter, within the power,

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