Wednesday, June 09, 2010

MAR 22 2008, 5:30 pm


1) the inevitable damage
1) that’s why they take that amount up front
1) you don’t want a document like this left lying around
1) one is likely going to be needing a place to sleep
1) i saw the precious art get smashed
1) couldn’t come up with a better acronym?
1) a piece of fiction
1) all the actual art is long gone
1) you need to reidentify yourself
1) going to the food bank to work
1) the last time i saw your hand
1) get a rubberstamp made up
1) things are different over there
1) they’re all big boys
1) more interested in this other activity
1) wonder what the customs people make of all this
1) an envelope to weather the storm
1) things were about to explode
1) yes, we actually used these clown skull things
1) is this the art print?
1) the type of paper is not too distracting
1) the language is not too distracting
1) this sort of notsaying
1) zibberish
1) well, you seen one you seen ‘em all, eh?
1) examinifying
1) inserting the them
1) there’s no need to take it apart
1) do we need to know more?
1) in a word: rockin’

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