Friday, June 11, 2010

"back to A"

tearable writing, interrupture of
the whirl, can only point in the
right direrection, sex writing
(attenuation mechanism, more &
more blank space, as if there was
no relation between the two, they
two are one thing, a magazine we
found in the trash when we were kids,
sure it’s possible: vacuuming in pearls,
we we, keep being & beekeeping,
the benefits of doubting, holiday
falling, think down, give props,
phat image, we are zapping,
imp romp too, television watching
us?, cath ode (ray, roadside hoardings,
high def, event-space, dolly in,
compunktion, read time, delay
time, imp ending mood,
microscopic time, remove from
understanding, tome time, the
machine is watching,
superconducive, lines of drift,
trance appearance, we support
raw action, a kind of milk,
the box is empty, sign me up,
art hur, nuclear dracula,
re:quite, tamarix time,
computer was down, back to A,

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