Friday, June 25, 2010

MAR 16 2008, (am) #1

1) down to the bits
1) got the folding done, now...
1) you are spoiling all your bookmarks
1) first the toner, then the cutting, then the pen, then the...
1) page 3 of 5 mil.
1) you’re not going to charge me for this, are you?
1) how do you get on this bandwagon?
1) i’m in a different state of mind today
1) from milk toast to hell hounds to bribery
1) cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon...
1) you are not required to act
1) what are your intentions for this text?
1) tempted to give yourself a clue
1) nothing to do with these texts
1) information is for acting on
1) pretend to put the paper into the duotang
1) here is something we never did yet
1) what to do about all of these
1) follow up on all of these
1) a whole ‘nother range of references
1) i almost propositioned you
1) the text is taking us on a journey
1) we might have read it already, but.
1) you’re going to shove this text down our throats again?
1) it may very well be all one thing
1) just say no to meat
1) just say no to religion
1) presumably this is going forward
1) laser copy
1) copy to be gotten rid of

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