Sunday, June 27, 2010

"yes today"

paper’s paper, graph back
words, memory machine, crow
enuf, depending on how you
fold it (box, honey-five-hundred,
up on the net, rubber button,
recycle minds, one times one,
we arrived at todo el mundo,
void and darkness, auto means
self, conceal your gender,
incipit not insipid, they had
a little girl?, eventiality (one
iota of a differince, devant-
garde, taste the sun™, books as
wares, on the air is into the
air, i owe the, ess slash he,
all’s egg, by the time you
get this it will be too late,
relaxes with a twenty-six of,
how to scat, the telegraph
sender costs two or three
grand, progress unmade,
this is like now !?!, look for
the sign for the, already
continuing, schmote,
seventh month old, is that
black or white?, yes today,

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