Friday, June 04, 2010

"subatomistic micrology"

because he keeps tearing the
books apart, now renew, using
a kiss, pass over in silence,
no indication whatsoever, good
advices, final beginning again,
see the machine again, including
traces of the future,
warplanes mistakenly,
bearing in mind time passing,
the study of one, be in here,
subatomistic micrology (di\-
/isibility of the letter, done
with that, yeah yeah, e-
term junck, discourse of
action, undone with that,
unhung, you think you live
in a city?, legal wall,
might take that in,
beyond all recognition,
three oh nine, what kind of
poison exactly?, totally
fuckin’ illiterit, there’s a
moth on the tv set, probe
heads, ω, not in my dictionary,
guidance device, extension
of the consciousness of some
present act or event into the
future, almost read,

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