Tuesday, June 22, 2010


yen oh!, y’know?, thot we
were born on the same day,
black light dingy, not enough
chemicals in the paper,
hotter than the sun, art stuff:
ten things, blew it (s, remaining
at the limit, storm brain, dot
orgasm, am against a,
todayable, damaging paper,
outward motion: communicate
out, an blick of the eye, zen
t zenith, the whole footnote,
thru the rap port, golden
afternoon tea, elides submerged
potential for genderization,
hurt being, law hooter,
trance aggressive, interdits &
miners, height of war, fear
ends (trance, great under
shite, end of the game, sin
vollies (something something
meaningfull, before the gate,
a topic different y’all, the
middle point, at the same
time in another part of space,
mounted on, somebody’s been
renting their mailing list,
the most™, one en, the waning
of reality, vision-fodder,

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