Saturday, June 19, 2010

MAR 22 2008, (am) #2

1) first say the name then eat it
1) oh, like kung fu, eh?
1) google sibberidge now
1) microarray
1) shaolin not chaolin
1) this text can be laid to rest
1) you will never get back to being what you was
1) old shoe makes good rubberstamp
1) this could be productively copied
1) maybe try typing it up
1) this is a good one because it only has 28 words
1) not a very promising beginning: “smear of shit”
1) a page is a bit
1) jockey the text into position
1) gar1
1) this has been copied too many times
1) send a piece of artwork
1) this one is not dead yet (but it will be soon!)
1) this one will never die!
1) i wonder what i was going to say here
1) which letter are you referring to?
1) what does this refer to?
1) foist nothing
1) this is a good one because it only has 20 words
1) this one can be laid to rest now
1) brig
1) construct yourself an address that will hold up
1) all the significance that can be packed into a
single word
1) are we not somewhere

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