Tuesday, June 29, 2010


beneath the grid, very edgy,
grayinginess, reading thru from
the other side, giving yourself
a bit of a margin, pro chain or
anti chian, feeling a little
nextish, i index, control ex,
pre judas, players who died,
blues-infuse, prickly aware-
ness, the poet relaxes, from
the chuck, mosstery, made
the liveline tho, ballot
dancing, valid threw out
the world, ask her to risk
it, a fool for byoody,
think smaller, displaying
the garbage, living art,
trance mutation,
etcographs, telepresence,
a coincidence of symptoms,
re-citation, discursive art,
historical chronicles for
example, paranoid-interpretive
, intellectual monomania,
good aim, before the sighin’,
polyvocality, graphiophage,
grivener, after the sighin’,
against the sighin’, nomophage,

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