Thursday, June 24, 2010

"gone to ground"

encoding level, who loves waits,
get velocitized, choose yourself,
gee! grace, meant a ton there
for a while, micropowers,
purported sense, biopolitics,
cluster bomb fuck, crazy talk,
sign finance, trance semiosis,
might be a good inflower, the
power of honey, gone to ground,
is that a one or a seven?, for
eventual distruction, a structure
, and cry/to see the moss grown
, faith hope fourty-for, no ink,
nnow?, speaking into ng you’s,
will will, has wings on it,
paper wing, simply a writer,
farnival mosaic, just tape it
on, solidary &/or solitary,
telesurveillance, propaganda
film for canada on the brink
of civil war, backish, wait a
second! that’s the original!,
break up and head home,
make a few phone calls,
couphle bux, thWARt,
resemiotized, diagrammaticism
, ray need eh?, think of it
as a response ability,

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