Monday, June 14, 2010


seems to be some sort of writing,
dock the calmer, the same thing
all over again, something a little
different, the same thing all over
again, in the way the letters are
formed, without nothing in between,
printer’s pie, walmart is bigger
than poland, hyperscholar,
sardironic, paraphs for short,
camera-ready, yes, we have
no more time,
holy moly, e-yes, denegation,
reading–head, here’s a nice
place to stop, a reproduction
of a signature is not a
signature, what am i going
to be able to come up with
this time?, ; a copy can never
be an invention, send one’s elf,
for the nth time, mention is
use, greater than? (re-entry,
proceed, supple or de-segment
air it e, microheads, it itself,
castrametation, in sierra
leone there is no ultrasound,

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