Friday, October 07, 2011

"outside the boundaries" & "pvr"

the crossed out thing, suddenly
in the middle of the text, you
can’t just suddenly operate
outside the boundaries, love
off, still trying to mersh, your
amness, your eye really stands
out, sound of pen scratching
on paper, scored a hundredlot,
one phrase on the page crying
out for attention, this is why
we went to the twenty-six,
it’s a good line if you got
the guts, framebusting,

now you have destroyed all, one is off
the road, the bent mind, how do you
intend to mark, post-disciplinary,
except habit could, poetry pond, the
mind’s ear, the history of consciousness,
vula, the to’s and the froze, the half-bit
habit, break a ten-year-old habit, on
beyawn, pvr, rom-com, a cluster of paths,
erbacce, water weight, byzantine erotica,
a sierpinski gasket, the chaos game, rumi,

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