Saturday, October 29, 2011


midnight meditation, a lot of jaw
exercise, anfarem, anything less
than a quarter is a worthless
burden, scotch that, rice cluster,
bacino, lux pop, wears a little hat
in case of rain, actually selling
impressions from the rubberstamp,
double-space to fill faster, fccb,
ioho, vpao, eypk, xav cho minj, the
dangerous classes, free submission,
apocopated, rotwelsch, membrum
virile, green language, salt
water spoon, poof positive, puzzle
your head on money, creative
professional, the perpetually
rising sun, dance literature,
roadsworth, concrete and honesty,
eat a big meal, lay down four
extra dreadnoughts, the end
of globalization, ashtanga,
veldfire, hadeda, point d’appui,
super-recognizers, mouth a
mouthful, we have this text
for the future, giger penises,
george rogers clark, clark rogers
george, the porn doesn’t register,
try not to read it as language,
i can’t remember which one of
these beauties is you, now the
toner is going to cover the
entire page, loss of blank,

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