Tuesday, October 18, 2011


appaloosa-palooza, twenty-five
cent deposit on a milk carton,
the printer uses the colour ink
even tho, if you’ve been to one
website you’ve been to them all,
glass prisons, ut pictura poesis,
concrete ambitions, the
underground theatre, war amp
sand cluster, methodicee,
meta-operational, extra nooky,
megalyths, front region versus
back region behaviour, mere
description, the interaction
order, small behaviours,
anita mail, now you have a
chance to speak, meditation
on others, what are we going
to do with this goop, little
elefant, the day we went
digital, nothing but dots,
curious enuf to lick, think
it might be a step-ladder,
red neoism, sodrac, l’heureux,
subliminal information, mere
perforations, mister leave-it-blank,
blank microparticles, let’s do
some networking, a particular
mere fragment, twisted
pair, thinking forward but,
blank art, kip it, s-marque,
drawing class, insanity bubble,

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