Monday, October 24, 2011


curse hex recitation, i suspect
you’re withholding the originals,
may six in the matrix, is there
anywhere this text has not gone,
handwriting analysis, didn’t
you used to hand write these,
you’re getting lazy, sixty-nine
saved us, cluster of oranges,
feculentastical, tetraglossic,
rhetoric of degeneration, white
industry, the relativity of art,
crossfade, maquettes,
academic elites hahaha, teabag
verb, over-coded, fluttering
presence, colportage, literatures
of lesser diffusion, excerpts
from cars clothes houses,
delifed, catachresis, a slave
language, a naming out of
difference, sugata, dior
j’adore, onego, a hint of text,
ballzone, it’s beautiful: we
can’t read it but it’s beautiful,
sudden blaze into italics,
th hats uv th witnesses, get
intimate with the paper,
homeless person with letterpress
collection, this is a paper
performance, why are you
trying to hinder me, abell,
cypripedium plus fourteen,

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