Monday, October 17, 2011

"hey, it's time for Roy!"

fuckoffee, you’re giving me the
criminal price, nothing is too
insignificant, not in the market
for a lube job, a bit of the
other, gillion, global cluster,
fcc, fcc, fcc, fcc, fcc, be-that-as-
it-may, labrys, godgame,
cunctipotent, multilabial,
labus, cyburbia, arahants, right
gnosis, once-returners, stream-
winners, noncessence, windtracks,
nechako carnival, street library,
gaffe prone, the informal economy,
one self-orients, caninism,
tuumba, moss-covered pines,
purloined pearls, chanaca,
emptying my childhood home,
goniff, facestrated, be my
other entity, the chuck, the
cb radio: c’mon back, cadence
weapon, canadian cheesecake,
sessy, digital meditation,
steering the paper, thou shalt
not italicize, don’t you think
you should do your research
be-fore you start writing,
the taste of the thing itself,
tiger penis, fire these direct
into the temp, you have
obliterated all of the
meaning, oh send the dollar,

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