Saturday, October 01, 2011


fake picabia, we’ve already read
word one a thousand times,
art bag, pinawa, road dread,
all this postage adds up,
roadside curiosities, you’re
actually inhaling the stuff,
kokuho rose logo, don’t they
know you have fallen to zero,
a crazy story you are over-
hearing, rice eventually,
replicate your stench, do you
want me to take my dress off
now, seitan, odontecete, otelo,
quarter moon paper, quatchi,
these artists could go to jail
for owning rubber stamps,
cowboy boot boxes, image trouble,
ethics and aesthetics are one
and the same, dada track and
field, pure heroine, bring
back the sixties, dedicated
communicators, the classical
white cube, art gallery
inside a hat, pig heart,
alliinases, lachrymator
sulpher gas, tsubasa, hair
eyes clothing, stay gold,
what do you intend to do
with this text, self-analysis,
one off book, that old saw,

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