Thursday, October 20, 2011


raw synapses, bean house,
extraffic, bolster your pistol,
still after all these years,
i remember when you were the
most promising, jdi, even after
i razzed you, the settler
communities, festies, canada
helped enrich, non-impositional,
hat-and-guitar check, and it
goes on from there, organic
intellectual, decolonized
thought, walk over and watch
the train, banana time, afraid
you might get thirsty, kara
candito, farcebot, too much
margin, being sure not to include
a single word, you’re saying all
kinds of things but, how much
mileage can you get out of a
single piece of paper, still
zenos, the text is a prison,
put the writing somewhere it
will be found, critical
habitat for the endangered,
halt city election, cymling,
help earth the crucified,
amber lemons, you have to
get the text into your soul,
tension identity,

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