Thursday, October 27, 2011


this is a bum steer, puster, musth,
the facebook grays, this is a
cutline, good mouth, the norms,
koi, you have to pay a penny,
metaless staple, you have photocopies
in the bank, mister pee arr idle,
twenty-four karat resume, you
know you’re dealing with something
genuine here, pick and choose
pick and choose, metallic film
noir, these are status updates,
fooled into caring, not even
semi-formal, spot the merit,
yes i am still here, this could
be you, surely we can get all
the information you need
onto one piece of paper, sort
poets, microgallery, coracle,
canonical parity, artist-
researchers, equality-versus-
difference, mechanical boxing
machines, astrobiology, the
great silence problem, contact
pessimism, extragalactic
intelligence, low-complexity
life, pyrosynthetic, oil comes
from marine algae, polywater,
microsoft gothic graves,
concrete refreshment, bend
eh, spanish yarn, flesh pic,

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