Saturday, October 22, 2011


just swallow it, coin-tainer, x,
twenty-four hours of fighting,
fifty-six hundred sit ups,
looking for something a little
lighter, spouge wad number,
these green stripes signify,
eleven or fourteen, my little
filter, ginger cluster, the
history of this text is complex,
the history of this text is lost,
the dependence effect, mmorpg,
the canadian ross rifle,
nuragus, guignon, orange ice,
californication, nephilism,
coketown, mouse ion, preblog,
quit with the paper, black
leg, everything went black,
blackletter, inform the
singer, already set in a
particular font, working
in silence, the rest of the
page is meant to be left
blank, blank intentions,
you don’t often see these
dead, there’s no point going
thru these one-by-one, just
call it a job of work and
have done, miss nomer, hire
a mind, all i really
wanna do, alter meaning,

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