Friday, October 07, 2011

"finger lakes" & "hybridity"

natureza morta, are you speaking
or only murmuring, this is you
before we got to know you,
finger lakes, nothing but an
errata slip, he must be in
touch with his widow, how close
to the day of your death,
nice little stash of micro-
press goodies, the very first
thing you ever got on the
web, it says something but
you can’t read it, mofette,
cam, under the sign of the,

ne fuit pas dans les avions, project-based hybrid-media,
clusters of buildings, chinese diaspora, performative identity,
hybridity code-switching even, multiracialism, domiciled
communities, queer diasporas, what have you gotten all over the
paper, we will be using the default,

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