Friday, October 28, 2011


the most beautiful piece of
paper, fish head delight,
tassajara, dragonwagon, leucosolenia
primordialis, so beautiful so
delicate, kitzingen, converted
photo-chemically, hibit, moer,
new visual effects with powder
and electricity, batelle,
xeroplate, the selenium coating,
pava, moss with waterfall,
phone lux, paper is a fucking
crime, macrophilia,
catoptrophilia, pogonophilia,
do not attach correspondence,
the rate at which you are dying,
sexting, amok coma, hatfever,
do the mathem, bcb, all for all,
not all at all, rather fetching
mugs, the general reader,
current happy climate for
women, gender-free, animal
poetry, the consumer end of
poetry production, exclude
high culture, commodification
of personality, we are always
already online, pexie, pink
discrim, you don’t expect me
to write on this do you, the
original marshmallow, lai
tak chune, urban camping,

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