Sunday, October 16, 2011


the little things are growing,
gar dener bird, the names of
beautiful women, zawn choaster,
felix osculum, not that ray,
calil, horsepower cluster,
alozabmac, mathesis singularis,
naked life, furusato, mura,
electrical currents in hard
drive, a cluster of thatch,
soboku, radioactive fossil,
book throwing competition, the
i exist, i don’t think you should
have gone on for so long, boom
boreal, pick a font and stick
with it, fuckoffable, if you
are so virtual, we need this
explained in english, visual
experimental concrete, high-
light yourself, poetry needs
repair, noi, aardverx, what
did you think that big nose was
for, dag van, cynthia sputnik,
the deadline was yesterday,
ass cult, bridge to another
reality, lugllo, your fave
bridge, bomb bridge, cutting
like a retard, thirty years
since you began, corpus one,
zerotre, burn attack, alvi,
the genuine elefant,

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