Monday, October 31, 2011


this is the very first line this
pen ever wrote, i suppose you could
look at this scribble as a bit
of art, region handshake, this
text is keeping you company,
heating ventilating air
conditioning, one is a member
of the dangerous classes, godaddy,
keeping scientology working,
emphasis on the lux, even have
a couch, shashlik, let’s play
the trance tape, tape cluster,
hit it with art, stylo-bille, care
to explain why you are refusing
to read the text, empty words
sold as, orange squash, pari
passu, reception anxiety, tru
dat, female affiliation
complex, can’t bring myself to
watch any video anymore,
green ribbon for typewriter,
felch, pinpoint vomiting, bon
bouche, fendue, paper always
comes as a bit of a surprise,
phantom heart, do you really
think this is good art, we
need to revise this stone
inscription, a hemi with
a blower, the postage stamp
is obsolete, that capital kay,
the best thing you can do,

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