Sunday, October 02, 2011


axe specks, how much of this shit
do you need to consume, social
media artist, i am not a role
model, the artist as collective,
clusters of commitments, an
insanely active impresario,
moral rights, the main intention
of live performances was to
make the audience go home,
hats of convenience, concrete
and positive, humankind emerged
from the cold, who sawed
courtney’s boat, palaeofans,
calm and honest except,
winterblain, eyes half cocked,
a green pepper full of milk,
when storming, black film
cluster, please don’t ask me
to visit your website, zeize,
cropsuccess, pink defect, zum,
the terrain we are doomed to
traverse, we get a kick out of
the adsense, i can’t pronounce

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