Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"big boredom"

the ink flakes off along the fold, we can’t even move the front
issues never mind the back issues, ioy, micropoint font, one
word is fun: thousands of words… not so much!, these are all
shoehorned, giving yourself a bad big name, we are machining this
text, we need to dig out the word that was under the black blot,
you can watch yourself poo, the moment i touched your arm, it says
“learn to swim” in latvian, which edge of the page do you prefer,
a lake in texas or an island in the south seas, the word spouge,
one has a free hand yes, big boredom, one has never had the chance
to hear the name pronounced, axe speckles, typewriter performance,
did you mean fiancé, need we hammer, fluid text, emit an inarticulate
sound, one is avoiding binary situations, post-art, fun with anus,
each one of these letters is getting the nod, nobody owns the earth
do they?, shit is one thing: writing is another, everyplace your
mind is blocked, adventure haha, all this writing is merely
writing about itself, penny weapon, give some sort of indication,
strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, one is the crazy
link, gone, keep your binocs handy, biggest blackest blot, fake
penis full of icing, clunk chunk, oh sooner or later all of this
stuff is going to move, zap’n’pa, this is going forward to next
week, you are just going to have to tyoq, gone to a thinner paper,
seahorse zilch, blablaw, non-fluxus, gone let it go, novel prize,
ponzi art, check,

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