Sunday, October 09, 2011

"dayglo buddha"

i got noose for you, pause?
you’re kidding me right?, let
go? how’s about let fly?, be
here now?, nothing is actually
happening, you have a long
history of violence, move
backward, let’s let hope slide,
these postcards are fake, the
structure of the mountain,
von ilva, dayglo buddha,
medola bravery, typographically
insane, doubles trike, that
toner is atrocious, gårland,
remember to maintain your
position in the network,
yuko otomo, one does not
appreciate feeling duped,
cocc cluster, consuming
electricity with the
computer, you can’t speak
of the future in the past
tense, please disconnect my
electricity, counterpoetics,
nonoral, frame theory,
idiocracy, speech act
therapy, ready to search
engine, this is not the sort
of thing, the nondual,
trance utopia, researches
cluster, lap band, two,

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