Wednesday, October 19, 2011


fuck context, the stuff you are
addicted to, accumulation ends,
missing nothing, cluster of teeth,
ozu, white bush-trash, constructing
document trails, autoethnography,
artivism, an emerging term,
clusters of writers, explores how
creative, art worlds, ten years no
change, oh there has been change,
borf, one more palooza, quixotry,
let’s take this offline, motion
camouflage, text lays dead, is
this even the same hand, zoot
glass, your writing suddenly
grabbed and crumpled, the
moment of the seahorse, we
value nothing, air book, bic
pen blue, this only makes sense
on the original, breath tent,
memorable moments involving
feces, returnal, the weight
of the fold, lunatexts,
encroachtainment, is deleted,
aslo, blaze ink, what makes
you shut up, info-error,
sabotage the copier, the
ampersand is always
capitalized, miss moss,
a come on moment, unperiod,
badgood, max tension,

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