Saturday, October 15, 2011

"keep reading those books smart boy"

xenomorphia, this is made by
fingers, destroy the beauty
you make, the marketing of
insanity, too slow to burn,
rabbit bones, hn, alcohol event,
the letter is never dead,
everybody has a body, cosmos
and demos, fountain of filth,
buttered beauties, the sweet
brown knowe, an introduction
to suffering, inner female,
patches, stench vehicle, oh
well there’s plenty of these
in the world, the dead open
no letters, cue and review
function, darkel, eat the
cherry, sex and death,
without antenna connections,
who did she become again,
i’ve been slimed, beyond
winnipeg, as you can see
there is no message here,
keep reading those books
smart boy, this is not a
whodunit, axe shampoo,
resenting the penny, can’t
you see you’re slipping
under, you might lose all
of your shit, shampoo
cluster, do as you,

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