Monday, October 10, 2011

tineola bisselliella

cheap meat, sbcbmb m, cullen
stink, falling concrete strikes,
all fixed, all better, all the
precise mental operations
involved in reading, purged
from the scene, se, kong, being
literature, positive romanticism
versus negative romanticism,
one is the other man, discourse
right, songbagnorus, an ecstatic
breathless jutting geyser of
scrambled words, lampellism,
boomchasers, are you the bee,
people love repetition, timor
limit, fuhgeddaboudit,
botero, tineola bisselliella,
dirempted, afraid to say a
word in public, rump, ten
years from now this will
be the same, there will be
no grace, belleau wood,
baby dragonflies, pressed
penny, more to jib, more to

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